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Pongal Indian Food Items

Pongal is a tamil harvest festival celebrated every year for four days in the mid of January. It is most popular Hindu festival celebrated in South India, particularly in Tamil nadu. People make Pongal, a popular rice dish and serve it as a Prasadam (food substance served to god as thanks giving) to Nature. Later, people share this dish with the everyone around. Pongal is translated in English as "boiling over" or "overflow".
Different Pongal Recipes
Here we have listed around top 10 varieties of pongal dishes. Try making different Pongal Delicacies and bring more delightment for your home. Pongal recipes are very famous in the Indian Cuisine. Here we have made simple step by step tutorial in making varieties of Indian Pongal Items. Choose any pongal recipe from the below list and try it out..!

Sweet Ghee Pongal in Earthen Pot

Sweet Ghee Pongal is a traditional dish made during harvest festival. It is cooked using earthen pot on a wood fire. Learn to make Sweet pongal traditionally.

Sakkarai Pongal in Pressure Cooker

Sakkarai Pongal is a delicious sweet dish made from the raw rice and jaggery. Here is the simple step by step tutorial to prepare sweet pongal using pressure cooker or oven.

Sweet Pongal with Milk

Sweet Milk Pongal is one of the delicious recipe, made out from raw rice using milk as the main ingredient.

Ven Pongal recipe

Ven pongal is otherwise called as Khara Pongal, which is the main course of dish in the pongal festival.

Sweet Aval Pongal

Sweet Aval Pongal or Poha Pongal is simple dish made using Aval. It tastes great yet simple in preparation.

Avalakki Khara Pongal

Avalakki Khara Pongal is a simple and spicy dish made from aval | poha. It is a very famous dish in Andhra pradesh.

Huggi or Khara Pongal Recipe

Huggi or Khara Pongal Recipe is a udupi style recipe, made from the rice, jaggery and served with the tangy syrub.

Coconut Chutney

Coconut Chutney is a spicy and delicious side dish made out from the freshly grated coconut and prepared using few other tempering ingredients.

Brinjal Gothsu

Brinjal Gothsu is a famous dish in South Indian cuisine, made out with tomato and brinjal. It would be the perfect side dish for ven pongal.