Kolam Designs

Best collection of kolam or muggulu dot designs for pongal festivals.

Pongal Rangoli Kolam and Muggulu Dots

Pongal is the most important festival of the Tamils. Tamils are a community of people native to the Tamil Nadu in South India. Pongal is the festival of thanksgiving, thanking the Sun and nature, and the cattle, which are the main cause for a good agricultural harvest. Pongal Kolams are designs or patterns drawn on the floor with lines of flour or coloured powder while celebrating the festival of pongal.

Kolam Designs

Learn to Draw Easy, Medium and Hard Kolam Designs

As pongal is a harvest festival, people decorate their houses with pongal kolams depicting 'Pongal Paanai' and 'Pongal Karumbu', referring to the Pongal vessel and Sugarcane, which are the most important materials during Pongal festival celebration. Pongal kolams are drawn using a grained flour called the 'Kola Podi' or the 'Kola Mavu'.

The Pongal Kolam designs are drawn in different colours. During this festive season, the localites conduct Pongal Kolam competitions every year to encourage the artisans. Both men and women participate in these pongal kolam competitions. In this section we have included around 20 beautiful and easy kolams for you to celebrate the pongal festival. These are the drawings which provide you inspiration and adorn your houses with beautiful pongal kolams and spread the joy of celebration. In Telugu the Kolams are referred to as Muggulu. Here are some of the simple and most easy Pongal Muggulu Dot Designs for your reference.