Parallels Web Presence Builder

How to build your website with parallels plesk?

Steps to Follow

To built your own website in the parallel plesk control panel follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Login to Plesk control panel.
Login Plesk2
Step 2: Click Show More near the respective subdomain.
Click Show More Plesk Subdomain
Step 3: Select Launch Presence Builder option for the respective subdomain.
Launch Presence Builder Plesk
Step 4: Select the website topic from the left tree.
Select Website Topic Plesk
Step 5: Select your field from the list.
Select Website Template Plesk
Step 6: You will get an alert as shown below. Watch the video to know more about the plesk control panel and click Close.
Parallel Plesk Builder Plesk
The below image shows the newly created website.
Created Website Plesk

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