Set up E-mail Forwarding in Plesk

How to set up email forwarding in Plesk Panel?

Steps to Follow

To auto forward email service from one mail to an other mail follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Login to the plesk control panel.
Login Plesk2
Step 2: Under Mail click on Email Addresses.
Step 3: From the list of email addresses, click on the required mail address from which you going to forward mail to an other mail.
Select Mail Address Plesk
Step 4: In the resulting page, click Forwarding tab.
Click Forwarding Plesk
Step 5: Enable Switch on mail forwarding check box and type the email addresses followed by one below the other. You can also leave a single space between the email addresses or separate them using commas or semicolons. Then click OK.
Forward Mail Id Plesk
Now the mail from the particular email id "" will be forwarded to the given email address.
Email Forwarders Mail Plesk

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