How To Restore Database From Backup (.BAK) File?

Short tutorial on How To Restore Database From Backup (.BAK) File?

Import Dumb Data

In this short tutorial we will discuss on how to restore database backup from .bak file using the plesk panel for windows website. Follow the step by step guidelines given here with pictures for easyunderstanding.

Step 1: Login to your plesk panel.
Login To Plesk
Step 2: Navigate to Databases.
Goto Databses
Step 3: Click on Import Dumb from the list of options available.
Goto Import Dump
Step 4: Upload .bak file from your local if you have, else select the backup file from the folders listed and click on OK button.
Import Database Dump
Note: When Recreate the database is enabled, the action would create a new DB in server from the backup file or replace your existing DB in the server.
Step 5: You have restored your database backup from .bak file successfully.

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