How To Remove Backup Files in Plesk Panel For Windows Website?

Short tutorial that describes on How To Remove Backup Files Automatically Generated in Plesk Panel For Windows Website.

Removing Backup Files in Plesk

Backup files contains the complete data of your website such as files, folders, databases etc. Data backups are automatically generated for windows hosting websites in Plesk panel based on the scheduled timing. You could easily remove these backup files by logging into your plesk panel. You should periodically remove your backup files inorder to avoid space issues.

In this short tutorial, we will discuss on how to remove backup files that are automatically generated in the plesk panel for windows website.

Step 1:
Login to your Plesk admin panel.
Login To Plesk
Step 2: Click on the Backup Manager menu that you could see on the top corner of the right hand side.
Select Backup Manager
Step 3: Select the backup files you wish to remove and click on the Remove button.
Select Backups To Remove
Step 4: Confirm to remove the selected backup files by clicking on Yes button in the dialog box that appears.
Remove Selected Backups
Step 5: The selected backup files are removed successfully.
Backups Removed

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