How to Delete Files in Plesk for Windows Website?

A simple tutorial that explains you on how to delete/remove files in Plesk file manager for windows website?

Remove Files in Plesk File Manager

To remove / delete files in plesk manager for windows website is simple. In this short tutorial, learn how to delete files in plesk for windows website neatly explained in step-by-step procedure with pictures.

Steps to Follow:
Step 1:Login to Plesk.
Delete Files Plesk Step1
Step 2:Go to the domain name for which you required to perform file delete aciton and then Select File manager. (Here domain name is selected as
Plesk Step2
Step 3: Select Files from the list of options that is displayed on the left.
Delete Files Plesk Step3
Step 4:Select the files that you wish to delete and click on Remove from the menu that appears on the top.
Plesk Step4

Step 5: Click on YES from the dialogue box that appears to delete the files from your website.
Plesk Step5
Step 6: You have now successfully deleted the files as needed.
Delete Files Plesk Step5

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