Add New Subdomain in Plesk

How to add or create new subdomain in Plesk?

Steps to Follow

Sub domains is a prefix that comes before the main domain. To add new subdomain in plesk follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Login to Plesk panel.
login plesk2
Step 2: In the homepage, under Websites & Domains click Add New Subdomain.
Add New Subdomain Plesk
Step 3: Add New Subdomain page opens. Provide the Subdomain name.
Step 4: Document root will be added by default with the subdomain name you provide. But you can also edit the root name. This root name will be the path for the home directory. Click OK to add new domain.
Subdomain Name Plesk
Under Files, root directory will be created under the given subdomain name. Here subdomain name is created under "" along with the default folders.
New Root Directory Plesk

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