Create CNAME Records With Google Apps

How to create CNAME records with Google Apps in plesk?

Steps to Follow

Plesk allows you to manage and edit the DNS records under DNS settings. To create a new CNAME follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Login to plesk control panel.
Login Plesk2
Step 2: Click Show more option for the respective database under which you going to create CNAME.
Click Show More Plesk
Step 3: Select DNS settings.
Select Dns Settings Plesk
Step 4: Click Add Record.
Add Record Plesk
Step 5: From the Record type, select CNAME.
Step 6:
Provide the Subdomain name.
Step 7:
Enter the Canonical name and click Ok.
Create Cname Plesk
Step 8: Click Update to set this server as a primary server for the DNS zone.
Update Dns Records Plesk
Step 9: You will get an alert message for the changes made in the DNS records.
Alert Dns Records Change Plesk

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