How to change TXT records in Plesk?

A simple tutorial which will guide you through the process to change or edit TXT records in Plesk.

Edit or Change TXT records in Plesk

Step 1: Login to your Plesk account.
Step 2: You will be directed to your Plesk panel home page. Here, click on Websites and Domains.
Step 3: Click on DNS Settings under the domain for which you want to edit or add the TXT record.
Step 4: To add a new TXT record, click on Add Record button. You will be directed to the new page, here choose the record type as TXT from the drop-down menu, add the TXT record and save the changes.
Step 5: To edit an existing TXT record, click on the domain name for which you need to make the changes.
Step 6: Make changes to your existingTXT record as per your need and click on OK.
Step 7: Click on Update to save your TXT record changes.
Step 8: Now, you have successfully made changes to your TXT record.

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