Change File and Folders Permissions in Plesk

How to change permissions for folders and files in plesk?

Steps to Follow

You can set the permissions for individual files and folders in the plesk control panel. To change file permissions follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Login to the plesk control panel.
Login Plesk2
Step 2: Under Websites & Domains, click Show More for the database for which you going to change the file permissions.
Click Show More Plesk
Step 3: Select File Manager.
Select File Manager Plesk
Step 4: Click httpdocs from the left tree.
Select Httpdocs Plesk
Step 5: Enable the check box near the file for which you going to change the file permission.
Select Folder Plesk
Step 6: When you mouse hover on the selected file, you will get a drop down arrow next to the file name. Click on the drop down and select Change Permissions.
Change Permissions Plesk
Step 7: Under Groups or User names, select the user or group for which you wish to give the file permission.
Step 8: Under Permissions, you can allow or deny the required file permission for the selected users and click OK.
Set Permissions Plesk
Here file permission for the selected file "test" is changed.
Changed File Permission Plesk

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