Schedule Backup in Plesk 12.5

How to Schedule Backup in Plesk Control Panel Version 12.5?

Steps to Follow

You can schedule your plesk panel to backup website files, folders and databases on a monthly, weekly basis.
Step 1: Under Websites and Domains, click Backup Manager at the top right corner.
Step 2: Under Backup Manager, click Schedule.Schedule Backup In Plesk
Step 3: In schedule, you can either choose any one or both from active backup task or incremental backup.
Schedule Backup Settings In Plesk
Step 4: Based on the type of Backup, you can schedule to run backup in daily, weekly or monthly basis.Incremental Backup Settings In Plesk
Step 5: Update Backup Settings and Click OK.Backup Schedule Settings In Plesk
Your backup has been scheduled.Backup Schedule In Plesk

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