Rename MSSQL Database User in Plesk 12.5

How to Rename MSSQL Database User in Plesk Panel 12.5?

Steps to Follow

You can change the existing MS SQL database username following the steps given below.
Step 1: Enter your username and password to Login to Plesk panel.
Plesk Login
Step 2: Under Databases, click User Management.
Database User Management Plesk
Step 3: All the database users are listed over here. Click on the required user to be changed.
Database User Change
Step 4: Provide the new username in the Database username field and click OK.You can also change the password, roles and privileges of the selected user here.
Change Database Username In PleskRespective username and other changes will be changed as shown in the below image.
Mssql Database Username Change In Plesk

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