Increase or Decrease Mailbox Size

How to Increase or Decrease Mailbox Size in Plesk Panel Version 12.5?

Adjust Mailbox Size in Plesk 12.5

You can set the mailbox space limit for the email accounts to store the data. Proceed with the below steps to increase or decrease the space limit of the email accounts.
Step 1: Login to plesk control panel by providing your ID and password.
Plesk Login
Step 2: Click Mail tab and select the required email account from the list to change the space limit.
Adjust Plesk Mailbox Size
Step 3: Enable the check box near the mail box. 10000MB is the default mailbox size. To customize the space limit, enable Another size check box and provide the space limit.
Increase Decrease Plesk Mailbox Size
Note: Mail box size provided should not be greater than the default size.
Step 4: You will get the alert message for the changed space limit.
Adjust Mailbox Size In Plesk

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