Outgoing Mail Control in Plesk 12.5

How to use outgoing mail control in plesk 12.5?

Steps to Follow

In the outgoing mail control tab, you can view the limitof emails that has been set for your domain name and the number of emails that has been sent over the limit.Use the following steps,
Step 1: Under Mail Option in Menu, click the Outgoing Mail Control tab.
Outgoing Mail Control Plesk
Step 2: Click the outgoing mail control link.
Mail Control In Plesk
Step 3: Click the Subscription option and you can find mail status, current limit and attempts to send mail after reaching the limit.
Plesk Outgoing Mail Control Subscription
Step 4: You can also find the number of mails that have been sent on a particular day by selecting the dates as shown below.
Outgoing Mail Control Subscriptions

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