Edit Files in Plesk 12.5

How to Edit Files in Plesk Control Panel 12.5?

Steps to Follow

To edit files in the plesk using text/code editor follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Login to the Plesk control panel.Plesk Login
Step 2: Click the Files tab. Select a folder and all the files under the folder will be listed. You will get a drop down arrow at the far right of all files.Edit Files In Plesk Step2
Step 3: Click on the down arrow mark and select Edit in Text Editor if you wish to edit code in text editor.
Edit Files In Plesk Step3
Step 4: Edit for the required changes and Click Save.
Edit Files In Plesk Step4
Step 5: Changes you made will be saved as shown in the below image.
Edit Files In Plesk Step5
Step 6: You can also edit code using Code Editor Option. Click the arrow at the far right and select Edit in Code Editor.
Edit Files In Plesk Step6
Step 7: Code Editor Opens. Edit for the required changes and ClickSave.
Edit Files In Plesk Step7
Step 8: Your file has been saved.
Edit Files In Plesk Step8

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