User Defined Date Format in Spreadsheet

User defined date format in OpenOffice Spreadsheet


If the user wants to have his own format of date, then it can be done using the format cells option,
Step 1: Open the format cells dialog box. Press Ctrl+1 (Shortcut). For other methods of opening the format cells,Click here
Step 2: In the format cells dialog box, under the Numbers tabCategory → click Date, and in the Format option select the date format you want and press OK.
Date Formats can be used as,
MM means month in 2 digit format. (Eg: 01)
DD means date in 2 digit format. (Eg: 20)
YY means year in 2 digit format. (Eg: 13)
YYYY means year in 4 digit format. (Eg: 2014)
MMM means month in short text format. (Eg: Mar)
MMMM means month in full text format. (Eg: March)
Set Date Format in Spreadsheet
Enter DD-YYYY-MMM in Format code,
The date format will look like, 18-1903-May
User Defined Date Format in Spreadsheet

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