Protect a Spreadsheet with Password

How to protect a document or spreadsheet with password in OpenOffice calc?


Password Protection option let the users to prevent the document getting accessed from the unauthorized person. Each time when you open the protected document, it will prompt for the password. To protect the spreadsheet document in openoffice calc, follow the steps given below.
Note: You can even protect the existing spreadsheet file using "Save As" option.
Protect spreadsheet while saving:
Step 1: You can save the document in openoffice calc using any of the following two options.
Option 1: Click File -> Save or Ctrl+S, when saving a new file.
Option 2: Open the required file and click File -> Save As or press Ctrl+Shift+S.
protect spreadsheet
Step 2: Save As dialog box appears. Enable Save with password check box and click Save button.
protect spreadsheet1
Step 3: Set Password dialog box opens up. Type the password under Enter password to open field and retype the same password under Confirm password text box. Click OK.
protect spreadsheet2
Password Protection for a Document:
Step 1: Click Tools -> Protect Document -> "Document..."
protect spreadsheet document
Step 2: In Protect Document dialog box, provide the Password under Password field and retype the password under Confirm field.
Step 3: Click OK.
protect spreadsheet document1

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