Print a Spreadsheet

How to print a spreadsheet in OpenOffice Calc?


Print option is used to take the hard copy of a spreadsheet file. To take print out of the spreadsheet proceed with the steps below.
Step 1: You can print file using any of the following three options.
Option 1:
Click File -> Print.
Option 2: Click Print File Directly icon which is present in the home tab.
Option 3: Press Ctrl+P.
print openoffice spreadsheet
Step 2:
Print dialog box opens.
All sheets: To print all the sheets, check All Sheets option.
Selected sheets: To print the active sheet, check Selected sheets option.
Selected Cells: To print the selected range of cell, check Selected Cells option.
range and copies in print
Select Pages To Print:
All pages:
To print all the pages in a spreadsheet file.
Pages: Enter the number of pages to be printed.
Print in reverse page order: To print the page in reverse order(starting from the last page to first page)
thereof print spreadsheet
Number of copies:
Click the up/down arrow to select the copies to be printed.number of copies print
Step 3: Once after selecting the required options, click Print.
print spreadsheet

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