Insert Image / Picture in OpenOffice Spreadsheet

How to Insert Image or picture in OpenOffice Spreadsheet?


To insert an image inside a spreadsheet, follow the below steps,
Step 1:
Place the cursor at the appropriate location in the spreadsheet, where you want to insert the image.
Step 2: In the home tab, select InsertPictureFrom File
insert image
Step 3: Insert Picture dialog box opens, select the required picture and click Open.
insert image1
Step 4: The selected image will be displayed in the selected region.
insert image2
In OpenOffice, you can also add images from the gallery.To add an image from the gallery, follow the below steps.
Step 1: In the home tab, select Tools Gallery or click on the gallery icon.
image gallery
Step 2: Select the theme containing the image which you want to insert inside the spreadsheet.
Step 3: Click on the image with the left mouse button and drag the image into the spreadsheet.
Step 4: Finally, release the mouse button.
image gallery1

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