insert chart

How to insert chart or graph in OpenOffice Spreadsheet?


To insert chart inside a spreadsheet, follow the below steps,
Step 1:
Select the data to be included in the chart.
Step 2:
Select Insert Chart. Another way is to click the Chart icon on the main toolbar.
In the chart wizard dialog box, there will be four choices,
i) Chart Type:
Using the Chart type option, you can select the chart type which you want to use for your chart.
ii) Data Range:
In the Data Range option, you can change the data range for your chart by plotting the range. You can also choose whether to use the first row or first column, or both, as labels on the axes of the chart.
iii) Data Series:
In the Data Series option, you can add or remove the data series and data ranges
needed for your chart. i.e if you want to add a new data series, then select it and click on the Add option, else click on the Remove option and remove the series.
iv) Chart Elements:
In the Chart Elements page, you can give a suitable Title and subtitle for your chart. To estimate the data easily, you can also display the x or y axis grids by selecting the Display grids option.
Step 3:
Finally, click the Finish button.In the below image, chart is inserted inside the Spreadsheet file.

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