Filter Data in Spreadsheet

How to filter data in OpenOffice Spreadsheet?


In OpenOffice, Filter option allows you to narrow down the search to work with the particular set of data.
In OpenOffice, there are three types of filter,
i. AutoFilter
ii. Standard Filter
iii. Advanced Filter
Autofilter is used to quickly filter the columns based on the selected data. When you select autofilter, a drop down box will be created in the first cell of the each column. Based on the selected value from the drop down, data in the columns will be filtered.
To use AutoFilter, follow the steps,
Step 1: Select the column which you want to filter.
Step 2: Select DataFilterAutoFilter.
Step 3: When you click the AutoFilter option, a combo box will appear in the selected column header.
Step 4: Click the drop-down arrow and choose the value to filter the column. In the below image, Researcher designation is chosen.
In the below image, Researcher designation is filtered. Based on the selected designation, all the other columns are also filtered.

Options to hide Autofilter,
Option 1: Select DataFilterAuto filter
Option 2: Select DataFilterHide Filter

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