Edit Header in OpenOffice Spreadsheet

How to edit or change header in OpenOffice Spreadsheet?


Header is the upper portion of the page. To edit the header option follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Click Format -> "Page..."
create headers in spreadsheet
Step 2: Page Style: Default dialog box opens. Under Header tab, enable Header on check box. Click "Edit..." option.
edit headers in spreadsheet
Step 3: Header (Page Style) dialog box opens.
Left area: Display the topic in the left side
Center area:
Display the topic in the center of the page.
Right area:
Display the given title in the right side.
Add the required topics under each area and click OK.
Custom Header:
You can change the text, pages, time, date using these icons.
Text attributes: Set the font size, font name and font style.
Title: Display the title of the document.
Sheet Name: Name of the spreadsheet.
Page: To list the page with number or letter.
Pages: To list the pages with numbers or letters.
Date: Used to set date.
Used to set time.
edit headers in spreadsheet1
Change background color:
To change the background color of the header,
Step 1:
Click "More..." options.
edit headers in spreadsheet2
Step 2: In Borders/ Background dialog box, select Background tab. Choose the required color under Background color and click OK.
edit headers in spreadsheet3
You can see the changes made in the header in Thumbnail view. Click OK to save the changes.
edit headers in spreadsheet4
Click on the Page preview icon to view the changes made for the header portion.
edit headers in spreadsheet5

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