Insert a Header in Openoffice Spreadsheet

How to create or insert a header in Openoffice Spreadsheet?


Header are the portion that appear in the top of the page. Header portion displays the title of the page. To change the Header settings, proceed with the steps given below.
Step 1: Click Format and select Page...
create headers in spreadsheet
Step 2: Page Style: Default dialog box appears. Click Header tab.
Step 3: Enable the Header on check box.
Step 4: Adjust the Left, Right, Spacing and Height for Header. You can view the thumbnail view for the selected header sizes.

To set header for all sheets, check Same content left/right.
Step 5: Add the header content by clicking "Edit" option given.

Enter the header content in the provided text boxes as shown below,

Step 6: Then click OK.

Header content can be viewed by clicking File -> Page Preview,

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