Insert a Footer in Openoffice Spreadsheet

How to create / insert a footer in Openoffice Spreadsheet?


Footer are the portion that appears in the bottom of the page. Footer portion displays the page number of the page. To set footer portion for a page, do the following.
Step 1: Click Format -> Page...
create headers in spreadsheet
Step 2: In the Page Style: Default dialog box, select Footer tab.
Step 3: Check the Footer on option.
Step 4: Set the Footer size by adjusting the up/down arrow near the Left margin, Right margin, Spacing and Height. View the preview of the adjusted footer sizes in the thumbnail view.

Step 5: Add Footer content by clicking Edit option.

Add the footer content in the provided textboxes and click OK button.

Step 6:
Click OK.

To view the added footer, go to File -> Page Preview.

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