OCBC Bank SMS Banking

List of SMS banking keywords and number for OCBC Bank mobile service.

OCBC SMS / Mobile Banking Number and Keywords


OCBC Bank SMS/mobile banking number is 72323

WAV <NRIC> <lst_4_dg_card_no>Get Card Waiver
ASF <NRIC> <lst_4_dg_ATM_card_no>Get Easicredit Waiver
ACT <NRIC/Passport> <lst_4_dg_card_no>Activate Credit or Debit Card
AEC <NRIC/Passport> <lst_4_dg_card_no>Activate ATM Card
ATM <NRIC> <lst_4_dg_card_no> activateActivate Overseas ATM Cash Withdrawal
ATM <NRIC> <lst_4_dg_card_no> deactivateDeactivate Overseas ATM Cash withdrawal
MAG <NRIC> <lst_4_dg_card_no> activate <dur_in_days,max_999>Activate Magnetic Stripe
MAG <NRIC> <lst_4_dg_card_no> deactivate 0Deactivate Magnetic Stripe
BAL <NRIC> <lst_6_dg_of_a/c>Check Account Balance
LAST <NRIC> <lst_6_dg_a/c_no>Check Credit Card Outstanding Balance
LAST <NRIC> <lst_4_dg_card_no>Check Credit Card Transactions
REW <NRIC> <lst_4_dg_card_no> <reward_ID> <Redeem Rewards
FIND <my_location>Find Nearest Branch
LIST <NRIC>Get Account Numbers of Prodcuts Holding
TEMP <NRIC> <lst_4_dg_cr_card_no> <desired_total_limit> <reason> <dur_in_mnths>Request for Temporary Limit Increase
MENURequest SMS Banking Services List