Million, Billion, Trillion vs Lakh, Crore

Learn about Million, Billion, Trillion - Lakh, Crore

106, 109, 1012 vs 105, 107

Numbers are read out using the place value like tens, hundreds, thousands etc.,
Million, Billion, Trillion are the international unit of number system, which are based on the ten to the power three (103)
thousand million billion trillion
Lakh and Crore are the Indian unit of number system, which starts with ten to the power three (103), followed by two digit split after the hundredth place value.
thousand lakh crore

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Million to BillionLakh to Million
Million to TrillionLakh to Billion
Million to CroreLakh to Crore
Billion to MillionCrore to Million
Billion to TrillionCrore to Billion
Billion to CroreCrore to Lakh