NMB Bank SMS Banking

List of SMS banking keywords and number for NMB Bank mobile service.

SMS / Mobile Banking Number and Keywords

NMB Bank

NMB Bank SMS/mobile banking number is 7447

<pin> BALCheck Account Balance
<pin> LTView Last Three Transactions
<pin> CRRequest Cheque Book
<pin> SRRequest Account Statement
<pin> FX <currency_code>Request Foreign Exchange Rate
<pin> FT <amt> <a/c_no>Make Fund Transfer
<pin> PAY LL <amt> <land_line_no>Pay NTC Land line bill
<pin> PAY PP <amt> <mob_no>Pay NTC postpaid mobile bill
<pin> RC NG <amt>Purchase amt NTC GSM
<old_pin> UP <new_pin>Change Security PIN
<pin> PAY NCPP <amt> <mob_no>Pay NCell Postpaid and Prepaid bill
<pin> RC DH250Buy Dish Home 250 Recharge
<pin> RC DH500Buy Dish Home 500 Recharge