How to Calculate Your Mental Age?

How do you calculate your mental age?

How Young or Old is Your Mind?

Mental age of a person is a specific age which is determined by the intellectual performance of a person compared to the average performance. It is the age which shows your emotional maturity. The mental age shows how young or old your mind is. The age is determined by conducting a psychological test. By knowing the chronological age which is the physical age of a person and the intelligence quotient (IQ) of a person the mental age can be calculated using the below given formula.

Mental Age /
Chronological Age x 100 = IQ
Mental Age / Chronological Age = IQ / 100
Mental Age = (IQ / 100) x
Chronological Age

Let us learn here how to calculate the mental age of a person whose IQ score is 130, aged 31 years.
How To Calculate Mental Age

Mental Age = (Intelligence Quotient (IQ) / 100) x Chronological Age
Mental Age Formula
Step 1:
Lets consider the given values,
IQ = 130
Age = 31 years
Iqscore Age
Step 2: Applying the values in the formula,
Mental Age = (130 / 100) x 31
Mental Age = 40.3

Mental Age Calculation
So, from the above calculation the mental age of a person is 40. The person is 9 years older in his mind than his physical age.

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