Change Mouse and Touchpad Settings in Ubuntu

How to change mouse and touchpad settings in Ubuntu?


To change the Mouse and Touchpad settings follow the steps below.
Step 1: Search as system settings in the search box and press enter.
select system settings ubuntu
Step 2: In the System Settings window, select Mouse and Touchpad under Hardware.mouse toucpad ubuntu
Step 3: In Mouse and Touchpad settings, you can make changes under three categories.
Primary button - Select your primary selection button as Left or Right using the radio button.
primary button ubuntu
Note: Left handed people can select Right as Primary button and vice versa.
Double-Click: Adjust the double click speed by moving the pointer over the slide bar.
double click ubuntu
Pointer Speed
- Set your pointer speed by adjusting the pointer over the slide bar.
mouse pointer speed ubuntu
Switch on the Touchpad to set the pointer speed.
switch on touchpad ubuntu
Pointer Speed - Adjust the pointer speed of touchpad by moving the pointer over the slide bar. (this option is available only for laptop users)
adjust pointer speed ubuntu
Enable the required check boxes to change the touchpad settings.
Disable while typing: While using buttons in Keyboard, touchpad will be disabled automatically.
Two finger scroll: Use two fingers to scroll the mouse pointer.
Tap to click: Make single click to select an item.
Natural scrolling: Page content moves in opposite direction. For example, if you scroll down, content of the page moves up.

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