Directory Structure of Ubuntu

Learn about directory or folder structure of Linux Ubuntu


Home folder:
When we create a new user account in linux, it will create default /home/username for the user along with the user name. "/home/username" directory is referred as "the home directory". This is the default home folder for the user. All the files, folders created by the user will be saved under the home directory/folder by default.
user home directory ubuntu
Computer Folder:
Under computer, you will have default folders like backup, bin, home, cdrom, data etc.,
Every user will have their home directory under Computer folder.
For example: If you are logged in with the user account "tester". Default home directory of the user is "/home/tester". Files and directories of the tester will listed under the home folder.
To view the home directory of the "tester", click Computer and select home.
computer home directory ubuntu
Click the home directory of the user "tester".
user accounts in home ubuntu

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