Change Date and Time in Ubuntu

How to change date and time in Ubuntu?


To change the date and time settings, follow the steps below.
Step 1: Press the Window key in the keyboard. In the search bar, type as system settings and hit enter.
select system settings ubuntu
Step 2: In System Settings window, select Date and Time icon under System.
select date time ubuntu
Step 3: Date and Time window opens, disable the Network Time to set the date and time.
disable network option ubuntu
Set time:
Click the upward or downward arrow keys to set the time.
set time ubuntu
Set Date:
Click the (+)plus or (-)minus to adjust the date and year. Use the down arrow key to change the month.
set date ubuntu
Set time format:
You can set the time format for 24-hour or 12-hour (AM/PM) by disabling or enabling the radio buttons near the time format.
set time format ubuntu
You are required to provide the root user password to change the date/time of the system. If the account is locked, click unlock icon and provide the password to set the time and date.

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