Change Screen Brightness in Ubuntu

How to change or adjust screen brightness in Ubuntu?


To adjust screen brightness of the system follow the steps below.
Step 1: Click Window key in the keyboard and type as system settings in the search box and hit enter.
select system settings ubuntu
Step 2: In the System Settings window, select Brightness and Lock under Personal.
select brightness lock ubuntu
Step 3: Brightness and Lock window opens. Do the required adjustments.
Adjust Brightness:
Adjust the pointer over the slide bar to increase or decrease the brightness of the display screen.adjust brightness ubuntu
Dim screen to save power:
Enable the check box to save the power when its not used.
adjust dim screen ubuntu
Set time to turn screen off when inactive:
Click the drop down arrow and select the time. When the screen is inactive, it will be turned off automatically after the set time.
turn screen off ubuntu
Lock screen:
Lock screen option will automatically lock the inactive screen after the set time. To lock the screen, switch on the log option. Then, click the drop down menu and select the time.
lock screen ubuntu
Password while waking from the suspend:
Enable the check box to prompt for the password when the system is waking from the suspend.password from suspect ubuntu
Show notifications when locked:
Enable the check box to notify when the system is locked.
show notification ubuntu

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