Create New User Account in Ubuntu

How to create / add new user account in Ubuntu?


To add new user account in Ubuntu, follow the steps given below.
Step 1: In the search box type as "System settings" and press enter key.
select system settings ubuntu
Step 2:
System settings window opens. Click User Accounts icon.
user accounts ubuntu
Step 3: User Account window opens up. It will highlight the current user account, (here, "test" is the current user account).
-- If the account has the access to add new user, it shows "Lock" button and plus symbol will be enabled.
-- If the user account is locked, click Unlock button. In the resulting pop-up, provide admin password. This will enable (plus) icon to create the new user account.
Now, press the (plus) icon to add the new user.
add new user ubuntu
Step 4: Add account pop up appears, here select the Account type. You can choose standard or administrator.
Standard account
enables to create the normal user account.
Administrator account enables to create the admin account.
Enter the Full name and User name. Then Click Add.
add account username ubuntu
New user account will be created as given in the image below.created account ubuntu

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