Laxmi Bank Limited SMS Banking

List of SMS banking keywords and number for Laxmi Bank Limited mobile service.

Laxmi Bank Limited SMS / Mobile Banking Number and Keywords

Laxmi Bank Limited

Laxmi Bank Limited SMS/mobile banking number is 2002

P2P [PIN] [Short Code] [Amt]Transfer Funds to Peers through Short Code
P2P [PIN] [A/Ct No] [Amt]Transfer Funds to Peers through Account No
P2P [PIN] [ACTransfer Funds to Peers through AC
PAY [PIN] [Telephone No] [Amt]Pay Bill through Telephone No
PAY [PIN] [Card No] [Amt]Pay Bill through Card No
PAY [PIN] [Merchant Code] [Amt]Pay Bill through Merchant Code
CASH [PIN] [Agent Code] [Amt]Cash out the Bank Account
SEND [PIN] [Benf Mob No.&Full Name] [Amt]Send Remittance Transaction
ACCP2P [PIN] list of peers with their detailsGet List of Peers with Their Details
ACCPAY [PIN] list of billing numbersGet List of Billing Numbers
? ACCRetrieve Registered Details on Account
? P2PRetrieve Registered Details on person to person payments
? PAYRetrieve Registered Details on payments