Kumari Bank Limited SMS Banking

List of SMS banking keywords and number for Kumari Bank Limited mobile service.

Kumari Bank Limited SMS / Mobile Banking Number and Keywords

Kumari Bank Limited

Kumari Bank Limited SMS/mobile banking number is 2001

<PIN> PAY <Service Keyword> <Amt> <Service Attribute>Pay Utility Bill from Primary Account
<PIN> PAY <NTADSL> <Amt> <Adsl_Id> <PSTN>Check NT ADSL Bills Payment
<PIN> PAYS <Service_Keyword> <Amt> <A/C Number or Alias> <Service_Attribute>Pay Utility Bill from Secondary Account
<PIN> <RC> <Recharge_Card_Code> Purchase Recharge Cards from Primary Account
<PIN> <RCS> <Recharge Card Code> <A/C Number or alias>Purchase Recharge Cards from Secondary Account
<PIN> BALCheck Primary Account Balance
<PIN> BALS <A/C Number or Alias>Check Secondary Account Balance
<PIN> LTCheck Primary Account Mini Statement
<PIN> LTS <A/C Number or Alias>Check Secondary Account Mini Statement
<PIN> ATLCheck Available Transaction Limit
<PIN> BHRequest Banking Hours info
<PIN> FX <Currency_Code>Request Exchange Rate info
<PIN> HELPGet Help for SMS Service
<Old PIN> PC <New PIN>Change PIN
<PIN> PAY <Merchant Keyword> <Amt> <Payment Code>Check Primary A/C Merchant Payment
<PIN> PAYS <Merchant Keyword> <Amt> <A/C Number or Alias> <Payment Code>Check Secondary A/C Merchant Payment
<PIN> PAY <Service_Keyword> <Amt> <Service_Attribute>Get Mobile Top ups
<PIN> PAY <Service_Keyword> <Amt> <Service_Attribute>Get Credit Card Payments