Kotak Mahindra Bank SMS Banking

List of SMS banking keywords and number for Kotak Mahindra Bank (KMB) mobile service.

KMB SMS / Mobile Banking Number and Keywords

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank (KMB) SMS/mobile banking number is 9971056767 / 5676788

BALCheck Account Balance
BAL <4 dg_a/c_no>Check Specific Account Balance
TXN <4 dg_a/c_no>View Last Three Transactions
STMT <4 dg_a/c_no>View Last Three Months Statement
STMT <4 dg_a/c_no> <fst_3_let_mon>Request Statement for Particular Month
STMT <4 dg_a/c_no> <st_fst_3_let_mon> <st_last 2 dg yr> <end_fst_3_let_mon> <end_last 2 dg yr>Request Statement for Particular Period
CHQSTATUS <4 dg_a/c_no> <6 dg_chq_no>Check Issued Cheque Status
CHQBOOK <4 dg_a/c_no>Request Cheque Book
MOBILEDownload Mobile App
CRNGet your CRN
CRN <4 dg_a/c_no>Get CRN of Specific Account
AADHAAR <12 dg_Aadh_no> <4 dg_a/c_no>Link Aadhaar Number with Account
REC <Mob_No> <Tel_ser_prov> <Amt> <lt_4 dg_a/c no>Get Mobile Top up
DTH <DTH_No><DTH_svc_prov> <Amt> <lst_4 dg_a/c no>Get DTH Recharge
MMID <4 dg_a/c_no>Generate MMID
MMIDREVOKE <7 digit_MMID_of_your_a/c>Cancel MMID
MMIDCANCELCancel MMID for All Accounts
MMIDREINST <7 digit_MMID_of_your_a/c>Reactivate MMID
OTP (MMID) <lst_4 dg_of_Cust_Rel_no>Get OTP for IMPS Fund Transfer
MFACCT <lst_4 dg_of_Cust_Rel_no>Know MF Account Number
MFBAL <lst_4 dg_of_Cust_Rel_no>Hold MF Value
DPACCT <lst_4 dg_of_Cust_Rel_no>Know DP Account Number
DPBAL <lst_4 dg_of_Cust_Rel_no>Hold DP Value
ATM <6_digit_postal_code>Find Nearest ATMs
BRANCH <6_digit_postal_code>Find Nearest Branch
NETPIN <lst_4 dg_of_Cust_Rel_no>Get Net Banking
PHONEPIN <lst_4 dg_of_Cust_Rel_no>Get Phone Banking
DEBITPIN <lst_4 dg_of_dr_card_no>Get Debit Card
SERV <CRN_Number>Send SMS for Help
POSACT <lst_4 dg_of_dr_card_no>Activate Debit Card
CCBAL <lst_4 dg_of_Kotak_cr_card_no>Get Current Due Amount
CCDUE <lst_4 dg_of_Kotak_cr_card_no>Get Amount Due as Per Last Statement
CCTXN <lst_4 dg_of_Kotak_cr_card_no>View Last Three Transactions
CCPYMT <lst_4 dg_of_Kotak_cr_card_no>Get Last Payment Received Details
CCSPND <lst_4 dg_of_Kotak_cr_card_no>Get Total Spends
CCAVBL <lst_4 dg_of_Kotak_cr_card_no>Check Credit Balance
CCAPP <13 digit_Application_Number >Check Credit Card Application Status