How To Convert Knot To Feet Per Second?

Learn here How To Convert Knot To Feet Per Second.

kn to fps Unit Conversion

Knot (kn) is the unit of Speed which is equal to one nautical mile (1.852 km) per hour, approximately 1.151 mph.

Feet Per Second (fps) is the unit of both Speed and Velocity. It is the ratio of the distance travelled in feet to the time spent travelling in seconds.
Let us learn here how to convert knot to feet per second with simple example.Shorttutorial on kn to fps unit conversion.
How To Convert Knot To Feet Per Second
1 Knot (kn) = 1.68781 Feet Per Second (fps)
Knot To Feet Per Second Formula
Step 1 : Convert 5 knot to feet per second.
Knot (kn) = 5
Kn To Fps Example
Step 2 : Applying the values in the formula,
5 Knot = 5 x 1.68781 Feet Per Second
5 kn = 8.43905 fps
Kn To Fps Unit Conversion
Conversion between kn to fps units is neatly explained here.

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