How to Register with ResellerHosting.Cheap?

Short tutorial that explains you on How to Register with ResellerHosting.Cheap?

Registering with ResellerHosting.Cheap

In this short tutorial, let us discuss on how to register with ResellerHosting.Cheap explained in a step-by-step procedure with neat pictures.

Step 1: Goto and click on Register link for new registration.
Goto Login Page
Step 2: Fill up the registration form with the required details and click Create Account
Fill Registration Form
Step 3: You will now be asked to enter your mobile phone number for verification process. Enter your phone number in the field and click on Get Code. You will either receive SMS or Call with the verification code depending upon your selection.
Mobile Verification
Step 4: Enter the verification code in the given field and click on Verify.
Verify Mobile Number
Step 5: You will now be asked to enter your Brandname which means your company name with which you wish to start your own hosting business. Enter your Brandname and Click on Update.
Update Brandname
Step 6: You have now successfully registered with ResellerHosting.Cheap.