How to Optimize Your Webpages at ResellerHosting.Cheap?

Short tutorial that explains you on how to optimize or modify your webpage contents at ResellerHosting.Cheap

Modifing Your Webpage Contents

SEO Optimization at ResellerHosting.Cheap refers to the optimization of your webpage contents with the required title and documentation works. ResellerHosting.Cheap by default have filled all necessary Title keywords, and contents optimized for you. If you wish to modify the contents you could do yourself from here.

In this short tutorial, let us discuss on how to optimize or modify contents of your webpages in simple steps with neat pictures.s

Step 1: Goto → Display Settings → SEO Optimization
Goto Seo
Step 2:
Find here the list of pages available on your website for optimization.
Seo Pages
Step 3: Click on the webpage for which you wish to modify the contents. Enter the required details in the form fields and click on Update.
Seo Content Update
Step 4: You have successfully modified the contents of your webpage. You could view the changes by clicking on the View Site and navigating to the respective webpage.
Before SEO Update:
Before Seo
After SEO Update:
After Seo