How to Manage your orders, invoices and funds with ResellerHosting.Cheap?

Short tutorials that explains you on How to Manage your orders, invoices and funds with ResellerHosting.Cheap.

Managing Funds and Invoices

To start your webhosting business as Reseller, you are required to deposit an amount of Rs.5000/- as an initial payment at ResellerHosting.Cheap. Using which you can manage your customers orders and purchases.

In this short tutorial, let us discuss on how to add funds to Resellerhosting.Cheap and manage your invoices.

Step 1: Goto → Admin Panel → Add Fund to deposit amount to your reseller account.
Admin Fund To Hiox
Step 2: Click on Add Fund.
Add Fund
Step 3:
Enter the amount to be paid and make your payment using either one of the online options mentioned.
Add 5000 Fund
Step 4: You have now successfully added fund to your reseller account.
Fund Added
Step 5: Under Admin Panel → My Invoices you could verify and check for the purchase order invoices of your customers once they make payment.
My Invoices