How to Setup your Company details with ResellerHosting.Cheap?

Short tutorial on How to Setup your Company details with ResellerHosting.Cheap?

Setup Your Hosting Business

In this short tutorial, let us discuss on how to set up your own web hosting company with ResellerHosting.Cheap in a simple step-by-step procedure with neat diagram.
Step 1: Profile Setting : The default will be your registered profile. You could change the details if you want seperate profile to be maintained for your hosting business from here. Login to your ResellerHosting.Cheap Goto → Display Settings →Profile.
Step1.1: Click on Edit Contact to edit the details.
Edit Contact Details
Step 2: Brand Setting : Here is where you setup your company online identity. "Your website address." ResellerHosting.Cheap by default would offer you with a custom subdomain for you from your brandname with which you can access your website. If you like to specify any domain name that you have already registered for your hosting business you could do it by here. Goto → Display Settings → Branding
Step 2.1: The branded URL here is the default website address for your hosting business offered by ResellerHosting.Cheap. You could change your website address with your registered domain name under primary domain. Enter your domain name and click on Update to setup your hosting website in your brandname.
Add Primary Domain Name
Step 3: Contact Details: Here is where you will specify your company contact address and phone numbers. Goto → Display Settings → Contact Details. Click on Edit Contact link here to specify your company contact address and phone numbers.
Edit Contact Details
Step 4: Logo Settings: Upload your company logo here. Goto → Display Settings → Logo Settings. Upload your company logo by clicking on Change Logo.
Update Logo
Step 5: Theme: This section consists of default website layouts which you could choose from to display your website to the online users. Goto → Display Settings → Theme and choose the theme of your choice and click on Update Theme.

Theme Setting
Step 5.1: Select theme
for your website and click on Update Theme.

Set Theme
Step 6:
You have now customized your webhosting business website with ResellerHosting.Cheap, Click on View Site from the menu to have a look into your own branded reseller business website.
View Site
Step 7: Your website will look like the below picture.