Google Spreadsheet Filter Function

How to use filter function in Google spreadsheet?

Filter Function in Google Spreadsheet

The Filter Function in Google Spreadsheet returns a filtered version of the source range. The filter function returns only the rows and columns that meet specific conditions. Learn here how to use Google Spreadsheet Filter Function with simple steps.
How To Use Google Filter Function
Syntax Used:
FILTER(range, condition1, [condition2, ...])
Range - Data to be filtered.
condition 1 - A column or row containing true or false values corresponding to the first column or row of range, or an array formula evaluating to true or false.
condition 2 - Optional. Additional rows or columns containing boolean values TRUE or FALSE indicating whether the corresponding row or column in the range should pass through FILTER.
Google Filter Function Syntax
Let us consider an example of a mark list of 6 students. Using a filter function let us try to list students who have scored more than 75.
Step 1: Open a spreadsheet containing names and marks of the students.
Google Filter Function Example
Step 2:
Click on any cell other than the columns A and B where you want to execute the filter result. Enter the syntax to filter data as required. Here I had chosen Cell D2 =filter(A2:B7, B2:B7 > 75)
Applying Filter Function
Step 3
The filter function will result in you with the names and marks of the students in columns D and E who has scored more than 75.
Filter Function Results

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