How to Capture Entire Screen using Easy Screenshot in Firefox?

Short Tutorial on How to Capture Entire Screen using Easy Screenshot in Firefox Browser

Capture Entire Screen

Learn here how to capture the entire screen using the Easy Screenshot in Firefox with simple steps.
Step 1: Right click anywhere on the screen to view the context menu with Easy Screenshot Option.
Right Click For Context Menu
Step 2: Navigate to the Easy Screenshot item to view the list of options available.
Step 3: To capture the entire screen using Easy Screenshot Right Click →Select Easy Screenshot → Press Capture Entire Screen.
Capture Entire Screen
Step 4: A small pop-up down appears on the screen with Open and Save Options. Click on "OK Button" to save the screenshot.
Easy Screentshot saves the captured image in PNG format and stores in a default downloads folder in your PC.
Save Entire Screen Captured In Png
Step 5: To View the screenshot taken, Click on the downloads icon on the Task Bar and click on the image.
View Saved Files
Step 6: You can also view the screenshot file by navigating to the downloads folder in your PC and clicking on the images.
Downloads Folder
Here is the screenshot taken using the option "Capture Entire Screen" using Easy Screenshot.
capture entire screen result

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