How to Remove/Uninstall DownThemAll Extension From Firefox?

Short Tutorial on how to remove or uninstall DownThemAll Extension from Firefox Browser

Uninstall DownThemAll

Simple steps on how to Uninstall or Remove the DownloadThemAll Add-on in Firefox.
Step 1: Click on Tools → Add-ons in the menu bar.
Add On Step 1
Step 2: Go to Extensions Tab in the Add-ons Manager. You could find here the list of add-ons installed.
Downloadthemall In Extensions
Step 3: You could temporarily disable the add-on by clicking on the Disable button. This would stop the extension temporarily. You could enable the same whenever required by clicking on the Enable button again.
Disable Downloadthemall
Click on Enable Button to enable the add-on again.
downloadthemall disabled
Step 4: To uninstall the add-on from the browser, Click on the Remove button. This would remove the DownloadThemAll extension from the firefox browser. You must restart the browser once to complete this action.
Remove Downloadthemall
Click on Restart Now to restart the firefox browser.
downloadthemall removed

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