How to Pause and Resume Downloads Using DownThemAll in Firefox Browser?

Short Tutorial on how to pause and resume downloads using DownThemAll in Firefox Browser

Pause and Resume Downloads

With DownloadThemAll extension you could also pause and resume the files to be downloaded anytime. Here is a short tutorial that explains you on how to use the pause and resume options in the add-on for downloading the files.
Step 1: Right Click →Select DownloadThemAll from the context menu.
click downthemall
Step 2: Select files to be downloaded and Click on "Add Paused".
add paused
Step 3: This would store all the files required to be downloaded in the download manager.
add paused downloads selection
Step 4: Click on the "Resume" icon which looks like play button in the below figure to start downloading. Cancel the download and remove all files from the list by clicking on the X mark and to add more files to the queue click on the + symbol.
Downloadthemall Resume
or Right Click on the link to have more options regarding the downloads as shown in the below picture.
add pause right click option

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