Filters and Other Options in DownloadThemAll in Firefox Browser

Short Tutorial on Filters and Other Options in DownloadThemAll in Firefox Browser.

Filters and Other Right Click Options

With DownloadThemAll extension you could also customize your downloads as required. There are filters that allows you to set filter for the required items that are to be downloaded instead of all downloads. Let us learn here how to utilize and extra options available in the extension.

Filters: Click on Filters link inside the extension. This would list you with a items such as All files, image, Gif images, Jpeg images, PNG images and videos with check button. This allows you to check the items that are be filtered and showed in the downloads manager list. Uncheck the same to remove the filter action.
Downloadthemall Filters
Consider an example, where I have checked only JPEG images, and the downloads manager lists all the JPEG images on the webpages to download.
Filter Select Only Jpeg Images
Fast Filtering: This allows you to type in your own filter in thebox, for example *.pdf,*.doc or even a regular expression. Examples are listed in the drop down list.
Fast Filtering
Change Downloads Folder: Click on the Folder Icon as shown in the below figure to change the default folder where you want the downloaded files to be saved.
Change Downloads Folder
Renaming Tags: This option allows you to rename the default tags available.

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