What is dTaOneClick in DownThemAll in Firefox Browser?

Short Tutorial on What is dTaOneClick in DownThemAll in Firefox Browser


dTaOneClick is one of the item that you could see on the context menu along with DownloadThemAll. dTaOneClick allows you to download the list of items instantly from the action and filters used in the last download session. The downloads will be saved in default downloads folder and will be renamed using the last setted renaming mask.

For example, if you had used the DownloadThemAll on a webpage to download all the Image files in your previous session. The extension would remember your selection and when clicked dTaOneClick will download the Images on the current webpage with one simple click.

Let us learn here how to use dTaOneClick in Firefox browser with this short tutorial.

Step 1: Right Click → Select dTaOneClick from the context menudTa  one click
Step 2: The download manager would automatically start downloading the files from your previous action.
dTa  one click downloads

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