How to Download Files Using DownThemAll in Firefox Browser?

Short Tutorial on how to download files using DownThemAll in Firefox Browser

Downloading Files

Learn here how to use DownloadThemAll extension in Firefox browser.
Step 1: Right click anywhere on a webpage, where you need to download certain files. You could see two items in the content menu namely "DownloadThemAll" and "dTa Oneclick" on the context menu. Let us learn about dTa Oneclick in the next pages.
Right Click To View Downthemall
Step 2: First tab shows you with all links that are on the page to download.
Downthemall Links
Step 3: Second tab shows you with the pictures and media files links to download.
Pictures And Medias Links To Download
Step 4: To download the links on the webpage or picture or media files, just Right Click → DownloadThemAll → Select the list of files to be downloaded → Click Start!
Select Links To Download
Downloading files selected.
Downloading Selected Links
Step 5: Files that are selected will be downloaded instantly and saved in the downloads folder.
Downloaded All Links
Links Downloaded from Webpages.
Downloaded Links In Downloads Folder
Pictures and Media Files Downloaded.
Pictures And Media Files Downloaded In Downloads Folder

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