How to Add New Cron Job in Linux cPanel?

This is a simple tutorial which provides you the steps to add new cron job in Linux cPanel.

Procedure to Add New Cron Job

Check out here the procedures to add cronjob in Linux cPanel.
Step 1:Login to your cPanel account by entering your username and password.
Login To Cpanel
Step 2: Now, you will be redirected to cPanel dash board. In the search box, type as Cron to quickly find the Cron Job menu.
Step 3: Now, just click on the Cron Job icon shown to you.
Step 4: Here, enter the mail id to which you would like to receive notifications and click on Update Email.
Step 5: Now, scroll down to see Add New Cron Job interface with options for scheduling. You can set your desired schedule using the drop-downoptions provided.

Step 6: Now, after choosing your desired schedule, enter the command and click on Add New Cron Job button to add the cron job.
Step 7: Now, your cron job has been added successfully.